Unit 22 – Task 1

Breaking Bad –


Breaking Bad is a long running extremely popular TV series. It follows many standard conventions to that of a standard series on television. These conventions include: Characters that are constant throughout the show (Jesse, Walter, Skylar etc.) These characters develop and change throughout the shows course, for better or worse they are constantly reacting and developing based on what is happening around them in terms of meeting other characters or what is happening in their environment.From the beginning there are many locations that the audience subsequently become familyiar with, these locations are used again and again which is a common convention of a series based tv show. As the show processes, gains popularity and in turn, money, the locations change, get bigger or even are destroyed to make an impact on the story and the audience.There is a constant emphasis on past events, with characters talking about things that have happened in previous episodes and how it is effecting them now, this type of storytelling lends itself to a tv series.

The genre of this particular show comes under that of Crime Drama/Anti Hero. The conventions of these two genres can be seen constantly throughout the shows history, for example: Constant drug references throughout, in an illegal way more often than not, as a way for Walter and Jesse to make money. Even though the idea of cooking meth was something that came about in an innocent way. There are also constant references to gangs and drug cartels throughout the show, with a war between good and bad constantly happening (police and gangs etc) An example of anti hero would be that Jesse and Walter are doing highly illegal, dangerous activities to make money and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, even to go as far as murder. Yet the audience are rooting for them and not the police or the stereotypical ‘good guys’ at all. Hanks character is stereotypical of the crime genre too, a man that is notoriously hunting for this mysterious drug lord character that intact his brother in law. Even though Skylar is almost seen as a victim of much of Walters actions, but we as the audience in fact hate her because we are rooting for the opposite character, the anti hero.

The audience for this type of show is mainly men from the ages of 25-40 opening up to male and females of 18-50 the longer the show runs, with more characters being appealing to a wider audience, for example Jesse drawing in a younger audience due to his age and comedy aspect of a lot of his acting.

The psychographics associated with watching a show like this would be explorers and succeeders. The first would enjoy watching it as they would perhaps be able to relate to the character of Walter or Skylar, being slightly older and in a career or marriage they might see this show as something drastic that could happen to themselves. The second would be a younger type of person that would be watching, perhaps someone that is looking to the show as a form of escapism or being able to relate to some of the things that happen in the show, or even relate to some of the younger characters such as Jesse.

The longer the show ran on for, the larger the target audience became with more countries being able to watch the show with it finally being released on Netflix allowing an international viewership.

Law Abiding Citizen –


Law Abiding Citizen is an action film/anti hero movie that follows the main conventions to that of a single drama film, those conventions include: Establishing a main character from the very beginning, someone who the audience instantly knows that they are rooting for, by having a scene that makes the audience sympathise and relate to him before any of the bad things happen later in the film. There is also a phase of establishing other characters, those who oppose or rate differently to the main protagonist. These two conventions are very stereotypical of a drama. Another convention of a drama is that of this film being quite a linear narrative, it has a clear beginning, middle and end.

Unlike a series or a serial, there is nothing in this film that will be familiar to the audience, because it is a one off film there are no characters or locations/sets that they would be familiar with.

The genre of this film would fall under anti hero/action thriller these two genres can be seen throughout the film with its constant use of violence, fast paced action scenes and the fact that the main character, the person that the audience is predominantly rooting for is murdering people and committing crimes as a way of avenging his murdered family. despite this, as the film progresses the audience might in turn start to relate or root for the lawyers character more, as he is trying to stop a man from committing these awful acts against innocent people.

The audience of this film would predominantly be males between the ages of 15-30 with its stereotypical action thriller trailer and advertising with Gerard Butler and Jamie Fox being very popular hollywood characters this would draw in their desired target audience right away. Gerard Butler and Jamie Fox are both attractive and prolific mainstream actors that have potential to draw a female audience due to them both being conventionally attractive.

The psychographics of the audience that will be interested in watching this type of film will predominantly be explorers and strugglers, they will be interested in watching this kind of film as a form of escapism, to watch something that probably won’t happen in everyday life come to life on the screen infant of them.