Supersize Me

The Performative Mode

Supersize me is a documentary that follows Morgan Spurlock (the filmmaker) on a mission to show the world what McDonalds food can do to your h220px-Super_Size_Me_Poster.jpgealth. During this documentary, Morgan eats nothing but McDonalds 3 meals a day for 30 days straight. The film follows him as his body and health changes, the emotional and physical pain he goes through and the medial effects of what McDonalds food can do to you. This documentary is in The Performative Mode. The Performative Mode is a type of documentary that welcomes direct engagement between the filmmaker and the film subject. The filmmaker becomes involved in the events being recorded prehaps participating in something he or she wants to prove. Supersize me fits this mode perfectly. For example, Morgan wants to prove to the audience how bad the effects can be from excessively eating McDonalds food like many Americans already do. To achieve this result, he carries out the experiment himself
and he is very direct the audience about his opinions. By the filmmaker himself carrying out the experiment, it makes the audience a lot more interested in what is happening as he is just an ordinary man who is willing to put himself through this just to prove how bad McDonalds is for you. This is appealing to an audience and will attract them to the documentary as it is easy to relate to him because he isn’t a doctor or a professional telling you its bad, its a normal man who becomes genuinely ill by carrying out this experiment and this could scare viewers and open a lot of people eyes to the effects of McDonalds which is why the participatory mode is very effective in this documentary.


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