Celebrity Big Brother

Fly on the wall/Reality TV/The Observational Mode


Celebrity Big brother is a reality tv show in witch a group of celebrities, also known as housemates, are put into a custom built house where they are isolated from the outside world for an extended period of time. There are cameras in every corner in the house and they are being filmed 24/7 for the public to see. Each week, one of the housemates is evicted by a public vote, with the last housemate remaining winning the title. Reality television is a genre of television programming that documents ostensibly unscripted real-life situationsThey are designed to be entertaining rather than informative so in a lot of reality shows, there will be things planted in their lives to create an entertaining reaction. Reality TV has become extremely popular over the past 10 years and there are hundreds of reality TV shows surrounding famous people, for example, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, What Katie Did Next, Celebrity Wife Swap and many many more. Reality television shows aren’t just on famous people, there are hundreds that are based on every day people and usually the popularity of the show itself will turn these ordinary people into celebrities. Celebrity Big Brother is a perfect example of reality television, people are being continuously filmed and they are always being put in situations that will gain an entertaining reaction which is appealing to its audience. In Big Brother, the creators will purposely choose curtain people who they think will spark controversy/arguments/entertainment, they do this because reality tv shows like Big Brother, its audience are looking to be constantly entertained and by putting people in the house who will start things like arguments or romance is perfect for its audience. Celebrity Big Brother is filmed in The Observational Mode. The Observational Mode is a type of Documentary that shows an objective view of reality with the filmmaker as a neutral observer, the filmmaker is behind the camera and is ignored by the surrounding environment. In Big Brother, the filmmaker is never shown, the only thing shown is the housemates and the events that happen between them, the entertainment comes from watching celebrities interacting with each other without an interviewer/presenter getting in the way and influencing the events, this is why Big Brother is the observational mode. Similar to observational, Big Brother also uses the documentary style, fly-on-the-wall. Fly-on-the-wall is a style of documentary making, the name came from from the idea that events are seen candidly, as a fly on a wall might see them. In the purest form of fly-on-the-wall documentary-making, the camera crew works as unobtrusively as possible. Fly-on-the-wall documentaries are made by filming people as they do the things they normally do, rather than by interviewing them or asking them to talk directly to the camera. Big Brother is a perfect example of fly-on-the-wall filmmaking, for example the cameras are hidden behind mirrors and they are in every corner of the house so the housemates are never off camera, this is so the filmmakers can be sure that no action will be missed. The way the audience see the events taking place is literally like they are a fly on the wall, this makes the audience know that what they are watching is unscripted and natural as they know that the housemates aren’t aware of where the cameras are so it is hard for them to hide away which  is appealing to an audience that likes reality television.


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