Catfish (The TV Show)

The Reflexive Mode

Catfish (The TV Show) Untitled-4081.png.jpegis a reality-based television docu-series that uncovers the truths about online dating. Each episode they will help somebody who has reached out to them via email, the person they are helping will be in an online relationship but will be unsure the person they are talking to is the person they really are. The process is Max and Neev (the two presenters/filmmakers) doing research on the person of interest and digging up the truth and uncovering if they are ‘real’ or a ‘catfish’. This docu-series is made in The Reflexive Mode. The Reflexive Mode is where they acknowledge the constructed¬†nature of documentary and ‘flaunts it’. This mode will convey to people that it is not necessarily truth but a reconstruction of a truth, the audience are aware of editing and blatant dramatisation. Catfish fits perfectly into the reflexive mode. For example, in all of the episodes, at the end/near end of the show there is a meet up between the two people who are in an online relationship and the truth is uncovered as to whether they are a catfish or not, and this scene is always very dramatised. The audience are aware of this dramatisation and the fact that parts/all of the conversation is scripted/fixed even though it is filmed to make it look like they are real life natural events. This is very entertaining to the audience because even though a lot of this scene will be scripted, it is filmed with a hand help camera which makes it look real and there are entertaining events that happen that seem natural even though they aren’t.


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