Aileen – The Life and Death of a Serial Killer


Alieen – The Life and Death of a Serial Killer is a participAWLD.jpgatory documentary that follows Alieen (a convicted serial killer) whilst she waits for her death sentence the be carried out. This documentary includes a lot of montages. A montage is a series of clips/images that are edited together to create a narrative or to inform the audience. Montages in documentaries are usually linked with words that the narrator/characters say, this is to give the audience a clearer a better understanding of what they are saying. For example, in this documentary, at the beginning the filmmaker is talking in a voice over and is stating facts about Alieen and why she is awaiting the electric chair and why she is in prison, whilst he is talking there is a montage of the crime scenes, pictures of Alieen’s mug shot, newspaper articles, videos of the victims families and other things relating to Alieen and her crimes. This has been included so the audience can get a sense of realism and to grip them in to the storyline by showing the real life pictures of the crimes scenes and other things like that. By showing these clips and images, it gives the audience reason to carry on watching the film because they are now interested in the reasoning behind her killing all these ‘innocent’ men and by showing the audience images of the dead victims and newspaper clippings, it makes them understand that this is a life real case and that 7 men were actually killed.


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